Useful information about Leros Isl.


A little, untouched paradise in the Southern Aegean Sea, Leros is ideal for carefree and relaxing holidays. With plenty of greenery and wonderful founts, it stands out among the islands of the Dodecanese lying, calm and peaceful, between ascetic Patmos and rocky Kalymnos.

In its 55 square miles the island hosts a centuries long history, evident in every step the visitor takes: from the prehistoric settlement of Kontaridas in Partheni to the Cyclopean wall of Palaiokastro in Lepida; from the well-preserved medieval castle of Panteli to the neoclassical houses of the wealthy Egyptians of Lerian origin and, finally, from the Rationalistic urban plan and architecture of Lakki to the mountains where the Battle of Leros took place.


Traveling by plane

Daily flights by Olympic Airways from "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport in Athens to Leros and vice versa, aircraft types ATR43 or Dash8 with capacity of 50 and 38 passengers respectively. From the neighboring islands: route flights departing from Rhodes and serving Kos, Leros and Astypalaia. CAUTION!!! Summer flights should be booked well in advance. There is a risk of not being able to visit the island ... just because tickets may not be available.

Traveling by boat

You can travel to Leros on the Dodecanese line ferries departing from Piraeus (Blue Star Ferries). There are several lines connecting Leros with neighboring islands (Patmos - Kalymnos - Kos - Samos - Lipsi - Rhodes) by means of hydrofoils, Catamaran and other ships.

Hospital care in Leros

The State Hospital - Medical Center of Leros, located in Lakki, is able to provide health care for all emergencies. In particularly urgent cases patients can be evacuated to other hospitals. Call Centre of Leros State Hospital – Medical Centre: 22470.23300.

Shops - Restaurants

Alinda is full of pines and olive trees, has a long sandy beach and crystal clear sea. Along its promenade you can find many restaurants offering unique culinary delights! Nightclubs in picturesque locations such as Agia Marina, Panteli and Vromolithos offer relaxation and entertainment!

10 reasons to visit Leros  

  1. 1. To enjoy your swim on organized beaches for all tastes: warm and shallow waters in Gourna -ideal for families with young children; cool and clear waters in Alinda and Vromolithos. Those looking for small nooks and crannies for their swim will be completely satisfied by Dio Liskaria, Kryfos, Agia Kioura, Vayia etc.
  2. 2. To enjoy fresh fish and seafood at taverns, homemade food at great restaurants, delicious pastries and local delicacies.
  3. 3. To see wonderful sunsets from the medieval castle of Panteli or the chapel of Agios Isidoros.
  4. 4. To pray at the church of Our Lady of the Castle and to the miraculous icon which, according to our tradition, arrived at the island on its own, traveling in a boat from the opposite coast of Asia Minor. Also, to visit some of the island’s hundreds of churches and chapels, many of them dating from the Byzantine era.
  5. 5. To walk the streets of a city which is an open air museum: The city of Lakki, which was built during the Italian possession of the Dodecanese, is one of the four cities worldwide that were built according to the principles of the well-known Rationalistic architecture (1920 to 1940).
  6. 6. To visit museums and private collections such as the Museum of History and Folklore at Belleni’s Tower, the unique Tunnel War Museum, private collections of relics from World War II and the Archaeological Museum at Agia Marina.
  7. 7. To go hiking in the mountains searching for history: locations where the Battle of Leros took place, the most important battle in the Aegean during World War II.
  8. 8. To take diving lessons or, if you already are into scuba diving, visit the 7 wrecks of World War II lying around the island as well as the two areas that have been released by the Department of Underwater Antiquities.
  9. 9. To enjoy a variety of events and activities, such as concerts, performances, sporting events, exhibitions and lectures that take place during the summer, organized by the Municipality and local cultural associations.
  10. 10. The last great reason is that a visit to Leros doesn’t only happen once. All visitors can assure you that Leros is a constant and overwhelming eros (=love) .






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